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Weight Loss Plan – The Best Sport and Diet Program for You

If you have an active lifestyle, as you know, you are completely different from your sedentary friends, both in terms of metabolism, as well as the needs of a weight loss plan. Find out what suits you and make a lose weight plan in a smart way!

Choose the best weight loss plan for you


According to studies conducted on this topic, a sedentary lifestyle contributes to gaining weight, but not necessary overeating. Thus, you have the advantage of getting rid of excess weight through a few simple exercises. Mental status helps in weight loss and causes burning more calories. Sport is a significant factor, helping you shape your body, burning fat and toning your muscles, while contributing to your overall well condition.


You need not only motivation to increase your level of exercises, but also time. It won’t be so hard to start, but to resist and to maintain yourself. It will be very difficult to stick to a healthy diet, because doing sport will increase both your appetite and daily calorie needs.

Set yourself a weight loss plan,  start with easy exercises, gradually increasing their duration and frequency, until you will determine the appropriate level. You have to adapt your lifestyle diet and your needs.

Your weight loss plan can start by replacing the elevator with stairs, driving with walking, get out more often in the park. When you feel able to go to next level, combine some exercises for optimal results jogging with weights and dancing with aerobics.

Weight loss plan of exercises an endurance exercise before breakfast and other 2 activities at any time throughout the day, but leave 2 hours before and after eating. For starters, you can do 30 to 60 minutes each week for 3 weeks, and then 2 sessions of this type. After 6 weeks, your target will be 3 weekly sessions, ideal to maintain your weight.

Nutritional requirements for a weight loss plan because you change your program, forcing your body to work harder for you, there is no strict diet. Reducing calories, you will run out of energy and you will feel exhausted, so it is recommended you have between 1800 and 2000 calories daily.

When increasing the number and difficulty of the exercises you will need more carbohydrates that contain vitamin B, protein for your muscles, calcium for strong bones.

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Being toned, your daily energy requirement rises to 2500 calories, more than for people who have a sedentary lifestyle. In this way, you have less weight to lose, and metabolism helps you in this respect.


Since you are really active, all you can do to lose weight is to analyze your diet. You need a good weight loss plan, you have to check if it is nutritionally balanced. Otherwise you risk a lot tothe weight loss plan nutrition  experience difficulties due to low energy levels, problems with bones, low muscle tone, having results in poor general status.

Do not expect miracles, even if your muscles weigh more than fat, trust in the mirror more than in this report of weights.

Weight loss plan try to introduce diversified exercises and think twice before you eat food that is not suitable for your weight loss plan. Try to reduce your daily portions 3 tablespoons of carbohydrates are generally enough, any excess turns into fat.

Another cause for excess weight may be due to inadequate food snacks, excess oil or butter, etc. Eat plenty of lean meat and fish, low ­fat food, bread and pasta, and give up fried food in favor to grilled, to maintain as much of the vitamins and minerals contained in them. You do not need to eat less, only better!

Weight loss plan : You probably already have a favorite sport. Do not give up on it, but add more exercise to work out the entire body. Choose resistance exercises ( jogging, swimming, walking, rollerblading) to use fat resources and to tone your muscles (gym, aqua­ gym) without exaggerating.

An ideal plan would be 2 sessions of 45 minutes resistance exercises, 2 sessions of 30 or 45 minutes of strength with light weights and one hour of coordination exercises.

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