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Sport And Personality The Link Between


Sport And Personality The Link Between, At first sight, it may seem a bit exaggerated, but it is really true.  More than that, the relationship works even in reverse. If you try an activity that doesn’t suit you, most likely, sooner or later you will abandon it. On the other hand, a sport activity that suits us is one where we relax, it helps us get fit, feel good and…we cannot look forward to the time when we can practice that sport!

Sport And Personality The Link Between

Easier to you, we have prepared a list of sports from you can choose, along with certain personality features that fits to you very well. Read, choose and….come to the gym!

Sport activities that we choose to practice is an indicator of our personality

Aerobics, zumba, dancing, spinning

aerobicsThese sports activities match those that have a jovial personality and are willing to relax at the end of a long day. If you like to do sport in a team, you have the opportunity to invite friends at the gym. You strongly feel everyday stress and want to eliminate it by a repetitive activity that can help you focus on the number and intensity of the movements. Also, you are the kind of person who feels motivated when working or doing sports in a larger group of people.


Fitness is preferredthe fitness by disciplined people who appreciate solitary activities and measurable results. You like the progress and especially to observe it. In your daily activities you can do better if you are left on your own rhythm. You have a strict style to measure your efforts and the results of these efforts. We recommend you to try functional fitness, working muscles as a whole, so you to be ready to cope with daily activities.


Cardio exercises are precardio-exercisesferred by people aware of the importance of sport, by the ones that want a physical unbeatable look and to be mentally relaxed. If you prefer these activities, perhaps you are a person determined, organized, focused on results – that is why you like the workouts in which you can monitor the number of calories lost, distance, pulse and more. If you prefer such activities in nature (running or cycling), we recommend you to purchase products to help you monitor your results step by step.

Yoga &Pilates

Introspective natures that do not easily accept authority and value a clear mind more than anything, already adopted Yoga and Pilates exercises. Yoga and Pilates help you have an enviable position and waist too, help to relieve stress and to be ready to answer any challenge.

Extreme sports

Climbing, mountain biking, kickboxing, tae-bo – are all the prerogatives of those who want to get out of the comfort zone and overcome limits. If you prefer these activities, perhaps you are a person that gets bored quickly and needs constant challenges. Rick, adrenaline, speed and performance – these words describe you perfectly!

Team sports that involve winners: tennis, football, volleyball, handball

These are the favorite sports of competitive people, people who love to be the first, those who know how motivating a competition can be and use it to inspire, to become better. In addition, these sports can help you socializing with people like you.

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