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Skin Serum and its Positive Effects on Health


Skin Serum and its Positive Effects on Health, Included in the daily routine of skin care, the serums release beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants, retinoids, peptides and vitamins. You definitely met the naming “face serum” when inspecting the shelves of beauty shops and flipped the pages of glossy magazines. As you could not probably justify the expensive price assigned to a container of 0.5 grams and you never fully understood why these serums are essential for your face care routine. Therefore I thought to investigate the problem and bring a little light on a subject as important as serums for the skin.

Skin Serum and its Positive Effects on Health

Stay on to learn all about the benefits of these treatments for the skin and focus on the best products that address various skin conditions. Skin serums were for a long time the best kept secret in the beauty industry, used almost exclusively in spa as part of facial treatments. Similar in design and purpose with the emollient creams, serums are liquid products aimed at treating skin problems such as dehydration, irritation or fine lines.

Skin serum contain concentrated formulas that help the skin in many ways.

The benefits of skin serum

Having highly concentrated formulas, consisting of molecules smaller than those contained in moisturizers, serums penetrate the skin more easily and often, in the dermis, with a repairing effect. Usually, among skin serums ingredients you can find antioxidants that protect the skin from oxidative stress, peptides, which reduce wrinkles and humectants that prevent water loss from the tissues. These aspects may depend on botanical ingredients, herbal extracts and phyto-nutrients, but lately, the secret is in the patented technology of the latest generation which hurry cell regeneration.

The formulas of the products on the market may vary, but most serums are designed to smooth, hydrate and soften the skin, diminishing the appearance of fine wrinkles. Even of you do not mind expression signs, a serum is still essential as it will tone your skin and it will give also healthy. Some skin serums contain exfoliating effects that minimize the appearance of the fine lines and cause the production of collagen, which also greatly help in relieving this problem. Other, for example, reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots and discoloration, making the skin a uniform tone. Also worth mentioning in this respect that the serums reduce the appearance of dark circles or puffiness caused by fatigue.

How skin serum is used?

Apply a few drops of skin serum on fingerprints and gently massage them onto your fresh cleaned skin (in the morning and in the evening) and follow the usual beauty routine with moisturizer.

You do not need more than a drop of skin serum to cover the entire face and, usually the neck.

You will feel an instant boost of the skin from the first time you use the skin serum – you may feel softer, smoother and even more toned. But most such products promise a visible change in four weeks, especially if addressing wrinkles, redness or large pores. Finding a product specially for you type of skin can take some time, but first make sure you investigate the market and the ingredients used by manufactures before you decide on a product.

Serums for oily skin, liable to acne and irritation.

Although serums will never replace a cosmetic product that contains BHA, they can help in controlling sebum production and inflammation. Those of you who have oily skin can, though the use of a good skin serum, skip completely over the moisturizer routine care. Nicotinic acid and vitamin B3 are often mentioned in the ingredient list of multi-purpose if serums, proving to be effective in calming inflammation in pigmentation spots caused by the sun, diminish the appearance of fine wrinkles and improving skin firmness. They will not irritate the skin, such as benzoyl peroxide, but may give to sensitive skin a slightly pinkish color. Therefore, it is not recommended for those with irritable skin.

Skin Serum for dry skin, pigmentations and wrinkles.

Maybe joining these unfavorable conditions of the skin seem random, but I assure you that nothing is accidental. This kind of serums are rich in peptides and antioxidants, which lead to the reduction of existing lines and prevent further new wrinkles. It also protects the skin from oxidative stress and prevents premature aging due to sun exposure. Prices vary, however, depending on the potency of each product. if you do not want to invest in controlling expression wrinkles and only look for an intense moisturizer serum, then do not spend a fortune for that product.

Skin Serum for all skin types

There are many serums for skin that is suitable for any consumer, improving skin condition and delaying possible treatments focused on what we mentioned earlier.

I hope I have not confused you with so many proposals for skin serums. I am sure that after long searches through reviews and testing, you will find a serum suitable for your skin type.

Let me know in the comments section below if there is another miraculous skin serum which I have not included in the above list.

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