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Skin Care – 10 Common Mistakes That We All Make


Skin Care – 10 Common Mistakes That We All Make

Skin care is part of our beauty ritual

Here I will present you some certain habits that you should get rid of.

Lemon juice is beneficial for skin brightness and toning

Hard to believe, because natural remedies are not suitable for all skin types. A controversial ingredient in debating this issue is lemon juice. Ranked second on the pH scale, citrus juice can affect skin on both short and long term. With immediate symptoms, including rash irritation or burns, lemon dries the skin and can destroy the layer that protects it against bacteria.

The risks to which you expose yourself if you do not use sunscreen

Melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in Europe and the US. Daily use of a sunscreen with SPF 15 would reduce by 40-50% chances of skin cancer. Although people with lighter skin are more prone, everyone should protect against UV rays.

Using high-end products, a caprice!

Although we associate the term high-end with excellent quality, the results obtained from the use of the skin products and makeup may disappoint us. Beauty industry experts argue that mass-market brands are investing more money on research and development.

Buying organic products without checking the label

Bio cosmetics trend is becoming increasingly widespread but we must be careful in choosing these products. Not all natural products or raw ingredients are automatically good for skincare. As in the case of lemon juice, cosmetics that contain raw ingredients ( such as shea butter or coconut ) can be very harsh for your skin. Remember to always check the ingredients on the label: often the products “all natural” contain synthetic preservatives or harmful sulfates.

Avoid oil for oily-skin

Sebum, the substanceSKIN CARE secreted by thesebaceous glands, moisturizes skin if presented in normal amount. Excess sebum causes oily-skin that can cause acne. While it may be contraindicated to apply oil on oily-skin, there are some advantages. In an effort to combat pimples, skin cleansing repeated lead in either dry skin and irritation, or to stimulation of sebum secretion. To be noted that some moisturizers may help preserve skin-balance.

Ignoring your skin type

It is very important to know what type of skin you have to be able to choose the products that suit you. For example it is not recommended using salicylic acid on dry skin because it dehydrates and irritate it. If you cannot recognize your skin type you can consult a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis.

Neglecting peeling

Exfoliation is a cosmetic dermatology method applied at home or at the salon through which dead cells and skin debris are removed. Facial peeling stimulates cellular renewal, reduces wrinkles and stimulates collagen production. If you do not want to choose chemical scrub you can prepare it at home with ingredients that clean and care for skin ( corn, honey, almond oil). Make sure that you exfoliate your skin at least once every two weeks and you will have a young and healthy skin.

Hygiene of makeup tools

Whether they are made of natural hair or synthetic materials, we all know how important makeup brushes are. Brushes gather bacteria and microbes that transfer the products and then come into contact with our skin, so it is necessary to clean them properly.

Controversial cleansing wipes

Wipes get rid of any mess and they are useful when you have a hectic day or do not have time for our ritual cleansing. Apparently, cleansing wipes do not have the power to cleanse the skin completely, cosmetic residues remaining in facial pores thus causing irritation. If you do not want to give up napkins, make sure that after using them you will rinse and moisturize the skin.

Using your hands

Try to notice how often accidentally you  touch your face during the day – obviously with dirty hands. Do you sit at your office with your hand on your face? Change you habit and make sure that all objects that come into contact with your skin ( pillowcase, mobile phone screen, towel) are clean.

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