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Sexual Life Tips For A Better Relationship


Sexual Life Tips For A Better Relationship

Sexual Life Tips For A Better Relationship, But there are situations in which the couples find themselves in a deadlock in terms of sex life.

Sexual life of a couple is very important for the good of the relationship.

Here are some tips

The beginning of sex life, which nowadays comes too early, in terms of privacy or hygiene not good. Usually the first sexual acts are consumed in haste, without much preparation and without taking into account the prolonged foreplay. Usually women are those who suffer, according to studies in a proportion of 65% of the fail to reach orgasm from the first sexual act, because of haste and lack of foreplay.

Both partners expectations. Most times the woman expects that the sexual initiative to come from the man and he should know how to make her to feel good. She also knows that if she would ask for some gesture from the man, he will do them in a hurry, and if she would like  to talk about her fantasies, or how she likes to be touched and about positions in which she considers to feel best, the man might feel offended, injured in his egocentrism and he will consider her in a wrong way.

Psychologist’s opinion about how to communicate about couple sexual life must be based on the following topics


The prelude is often confusedunsatisfied sexual life by the partner with those touches in a hurry before penetration, touches that last, according to studies, usually between 3 and 10 minutes. It is therefore recommended that the woman to explain what for her the foreplay and how important it is. She should talk with the partner about that foreplay can start in the morning with a kiss on the ear lobe and whispered promises. Continued with a lunch discussion on the phone about what and how are going to do in the evening, then once they are back home, they can spice up the beginning of sexual act with a neck massage, some red wine or some incense or a few scented candles to create a relaxing atmosphere.


Psychologist’s opinion about fantasies is quite short and brief: whatever brings pleasure to both partners is allowed. Therefore it is better to talk in moments of intimacy about hidden desires, about your favorite games and sex toys, about the places in which they can try  to make love but also about the positions in which they feel the greatest pleasure. All these can spice up your sex life prolonging pleasure.

 Frequency of sexual acts

In therapeutic practice, it was found that this is a big problem. There was found that in over 90% of couples, one member of the couple considers that their partner offers too few sexual acts. It is one of the problems most often we confront when talking about sex. For this problem it is recommended counseling or couples therapy or even a discussion when each partner should talk openly about their wishes and try to reach an acceptable compromise for both.

Sexual problems

Frigidity, premature ejaculation, pain at certain times or all time, not having orgasm, impotence and not keeping erection, infertility, sexually transmitted diseasesthat one or both partners have.

For whichever is better to consult a doctor or a psychologist to try to solve them immediately. Psychologist’s conclusion: try to talk as openly as you can about sex life, how and what you like. Read as much as you can about this topic, experiment places, games, positions, new toys. Sexual life is a very important ingredient of a couple life and when sexual problems or frustration will come they will ruin other aspect of life as a couple. Countless times I found in my office, that on couple therapy, behind many complaints, there were actually sexual frustrations. So take care of your sexual life in order to have a complete relationship.

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