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Pure Forskolin Extract – The Powerful Forskolin 250


Pure Forskolin Extract – The Powerful Forskolin 250

Losing weight can become very difficult for most people, but getting rid of extra weight using pure forskolin extract is easier than ever.  Forskolin 250 increases weight loss by accelerating the function which decomposes the enzymes and hormones in the body.  This weight loss supplement burns extra fat and calories and leads to a faster and easier weight loss process.

Pure Forskolin extract is a derivative from a plant root, plant from mint family and it is used since the antiquitypure forskolin extract, forskolin 250 in Asian traditional medicine. This powerful extract is used in combating certain diseases, such as: asthma, glaucoma, lungs and heart diseases, insomnia and it reduces stress. Forskolin is an extract from Coleus Forskohlii plant and has many benefits on weight loss, but also helps preventing the symptoms of glaucoma and increases the skin resistance to UV, prevents urinary infections and helps the antibiotics fighting against infections.

Forskolin 250 With 20 % Pure Forskolin Extract

pure forskolin extract, forskolin 250Forskolin 250 is the newest natural weight loss supplement and contains 20 % pure forskolin extract in its formula from Coleus Forskohlii plant. Forskolin 250 stimulates the production of cAMP, it increases the production of proteins and helps in muscle mass development. With the help of thermogenesis, muscle cells burn extra fat as fuel and the fat is transformed into energy. Foskolin 250 is based on the production of energy from fat burning processes of adipose tissue. This is very important for obese people, who not only have extra fat, but also have a low level of cAMP. Pure Forskolin extract accelerates metabolism and helps in fat burning, leading to weight loss and development of muscle mass. These changes are a result of cAMP production, a molecule which triggers the production of an enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL). HSL burns fat, this process is a result of heat releasing, which helps in fat burning and muscle mass development.


Forskolin 250 capsules regulate metabolism, including controlling thyroid hormones level, which improves the metabolism pace. Scientific studies have shown that a well-functioning of thyroid reduces the risk of gaining weight and obesity. Forskolin 250 is a supplement based on plants especially designed for fat burning. The effectiveness of this product comes from its ability of burning the existent fat and releases fatty acids from adipose tissue through a thermogenesis process which leads to a faster weight loss. In a recent study conducted on obese men who consumed 250 mg capsules with 20% pure forskolin extract, it has been noticed a decreased percentage of fat and an increased level of testosterone unlike people under placebo effect. For an effective supplement it is necessary to extract and purify the active ingredient, meaning the forskolin 1,9-carbonate (the carbonate ester of forskolin), this leading to a longer period of action, from 4 to 12 hours.

Pure Forskolin Extract In Treating Certain Diseases


Many scientific studies have been conducted to determine the effect of pure forskolin extract treatment on people who suffer from glaucoma. It has been noticed that people who used forskolin extract daily for 4 weeks, the pressure around the eyes, one of the main problems of glaucoma, has decreased.


A study published in Journal of International Medical Research suggests that asthma episodes are less frequent for people who use daily a minimum dose of forskolin extract, unlike those who follow a standard treatment. The study has been conducted on 40 people suffering from asthma, aged between 8 – 12 years.


After certain studies it has been noticed that people with congestive cardiomyopathy, which causes heart attacks, and who use forskolin extract, have improved their heart health. Many studies on this topic should be conducted in order to determine the exact concentration of the extract for a better result.


Optimum functioning of thyroid

Weight loss

Reduces urinary infections

Fat burning

Accelerates the metabolism

Develops muscle mass

Increases the level of testosterone

Fast results with 20% pure forskolin extract

Forskolin 250 – An Effective Formula

Clinical tests have proven that pure forskolin extract can make beneficial changes for the body and burns fat effectively. After a study from 2005 its effectiveness has been proven: people who used a daily dose of forskolin with 10% extract for 12 weeks had substantially lost weight unlike people under the placebo effect.If you have a slow metabolism it is really hard to lose weight. Metabolism is the pace at our body burns fat. By helping the thyroid, Forskolin 250 with 20% pure forskolin extract accelerates metabolism. A good idea is combining Forskolin 250 with a nutrient to increase its absorption through detox.  Detox Pure  is one of the most effective products for body detox. This combination will lead to a fast weight loss and detox (you can lose up to 15 pounds in the first month).

Administration And Risks:

For weight loss it is recommended a capsule of Forskolin 250 , 20 % concentration in the morning and for obese people, 2 capsules.

Do not use forskolin extract together with medicine that contain clonidine, hydralazine, beta-blocking.

It is advisable not to use Forskolin Fit Pro during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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