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Pilates Everything You Must Know About This New Trend


Pilates – everything you must know about this new trend, With Pilates we have the possibility to get into that category of “trendy” people.

Beyond that,Pilates has a very interesting component ­ double win ­ working with muscles and also working with the mind. Such benefits are obtained for the body: weight loss, toning. And for psychological level, flexibility in thinking and a permanent positive attitude.

Pilates Everything You Must Know About This New Trend

Patty Weever, a well known TV star, who has modeled her body using Pilates after she has lost 21 kilos in a short time, said that it has restored  her life. 12 million people worldwide, with the saying “Choose how you want to look like”, have chosen this method.

Pilates exercises

Pilates exercises are completely different from any exercise that you have practiced. They require you to focus on what you do. Intense physical focusing is known by the name mind­ body connection. The attitude during practicing Pilates really controls our limitations and performance level. Since Pilates exercises use the mind as a basic principle, their practice is followed by rapid and long­term results.

Pilates training

You may discover that you can focus your thoughts and physical effort towards the most sensitive part of the body with Pilates. Through Pilates you turn it into your strength, you can make progress, gain confidence in your body. With every “victory” you will be encouraged to move on.

You become motivated by this progress and live a feeling of power and strength. If you manage to overcome physical limitations, you will transform your whole life. It is interesting how through exercises we train also the mind!

This method helps us to be in peace with ourselves, to have a clear mind, allowing us to enjoy every moment that present gives us. It helps us to be more effective at work, to focus to the problem and quickly find a solution.

Pilates gives people the opportunity to actively relax, it gives them a sense of balance and a feeling of euphoria and happiness. Pilates also reduces stress, improves sex life, quality of life in general.

The secret of this method is to do exercises.

Pilates method incorporates the benefits of aerobics, heavy lifting, tai chi, yoga meditation. Through Pilates you enjoy quality time in which you focus on every move that your body makes.

The movements transition should be very slow. Imagine you dance while practicing. Continuity and fluidity of movements play an important role in this method.

Stars do Pilates

Pilates exercises promote dynamism to obtain a strong and healthy body. Pilates tones all muscles, reduces stress and improves blood circulation. Also, some exercises are given to strengthen the spine. The list of celebrities who have chosen Pilates to be always in the best shape are: Liz Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Martin Amis, Ian McKellen, Hugh Grant si Jennifer Anniston.

Pilates ­ weaknesses

The weaknesses of this program are that Pilates does not have exercises for arms toning. Some people said that they had difficulties in understanding instructions. This can happen if you go directly to more complicated exercises without reading the easy ones. Other people have expressed concerns about that Pilates exercises are combined with diets. Those who believe that they can lose some weight only doing Pilates and no diet are wrong. Diet and exercises must be combined if you want to lose weight.

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