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Olive Oil and its Benefits for General Health


Olive Oil and its Benefits for General Health

History of olive oil

Since ancient times, the Greek considered the olive tree as a gift sent by the gods for people on Earth. Its branches symbolized peace and understanding and fruit juice, olive oil, was considered a symbol of purity and simplicity.

Even if it seems a little odd, olive oil is nothing but a natural syrup obtained by a very simple process that preserves all the properties of unspoiled natural fruit. Olive oil is an oil that is used in diets due to its high monounsaturated fat. Studies have revealed that the risk of coronary heart disease is significantly reduced if instead of traditional oil or animal fats is introduced daily in the diet two tablespoons of olive oil (almost 23 grams).

Why is olive oil good for health?

The beneficial properties that olive oil has on the body are due to largely unsaturated fatty acids present in a proportion of 75% in its composition and have an important role in digestion. After long research, scientists found that unsaturated fatty acids in olive oil are similar to those present in breast milk, which explains why this substance is well tolerated by any body. Olive oil has a positive role in the lipids complex metabolism, it is recommended for people with chronic biliary and bowel. In recent years, medical researchers have discovered that olive oil prevents cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol in the blood.

What countries produce the best olive oil

Producers in the world are in Greece, Algeria, Argentina, Cyprus, Israel, Turkey and the United States, but the supremacy is held by Spain (30% of world production) and Italy (24% of world production).

How do we know that olive oil is the best

Although sunflower oil can be successfully used in preparing salads, sweets and vegetable dishes, its nutritional value cannot equal the one that olive oil has. If you want pure olive oil, you must check labels with the following specification:”extra virgin olive oil“. This expression certify that the oil was obtained in cold conditions, without the intervention of other chemicals. In order not to lose its curative properties, olive oil should be stored in cool, dark room. If you will be kept in the refrigerator before use, the oil must be heated easily because kept at low temperatures, become viscous.

Olive oil composition

Vitamin E (3-­33mg).

Provitamin A (carotene).

Monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic): 56­-83%.

Weak acid polyunsaturated (linoleic): 3,5-­20%.

Polineraturat fatty acid (linoleic): 0-­1,5%.

Saturated fatty acids, 8­-23,5%, 9 calories/gram.

Olive oil, the healthiest of all fats

Fat used for food find a healthy substitute the olive oil, which is 77% monounsaturated fat, natural, cholesterol free. Olive oil contains no salt and a tablespoon provides 8% RDA of vitamin E. Olive oil does not contain gluten. It is found in wheat, rye, and to a lesser degree, in barley and oats, but not 100% pure olive oil.

Olive oil and calories

Many people wonder if olive oil has more calories than other cooking oils. The answer is: yes. A tablespoon of  oil contains 120 calories. Moreover, its rich flavor allows the use of a lower quantity of olive oil that one from a less rich oil, reducing the calorie intake.

Is good health.

Has a beneficial effect on peptic ulcer and indigestion reproduction of human cells, the basic element of all human bodies.

Vitamin E and pro­vitamin A contained in  oil protect the skin from harmful rays of the sun and burnings.

Helps bone development, especially for children and teenagers.

Olive oil composition resembles breast milk and is more effective in developing central nervous system for infants and children.

The antioxidant components it contains, protects the brain and keeps alert till old age.

There are fewer cases of cancers (for example, breast cancer and the ovaries) in the Mediterranean due to the consumption of olive oil.

Plays an important role in fighting against diabetic atrophy.

Contains many antioxidants.

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