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Love And Long Term Relationships


Love is unconditional, nothing and nobody can put it in danger

Love And Long Term Relationships, When you get into a relationship where love is unconditional, nothing and nobody can put it in danger. All that matters is you, two souls who live and feel like it would be one in a relationship that transcends time, age or everyday life problems. Or at least that is what we believe at the beginning of the relationship when we are intoxicated by the strong feelings that intertwine love with passion, preventing us from seeing things as they really are.

Because yes, in real life, unconditional love comes so rare that not even worth mentioning and those who enjoy such a relationship can be counted on couple And a relationship in which both partners to give and receive such love is impossible. Therefore, unconditional love is a naive ideal that only those that are not mature enough imagine or they are not strong enough to sustain a real relationship and expect partners to accept them no matter what they do, what they say, what they think. A serious relationship, stable and strong needs people equally strong, people aware of what they need to do to maintain a happy and satisfying relationship from all points of view.

The ideal for an unconditional love can be dangerous for those who believe in it and in their partners as well. Because this concept implies the absence of all responsibilities, no need to make decisions of to work for the benefit of the relationship. Unconditional love requires no limits and this can damage on the long term. Because in reality, every action has a reaction and each of us has in mind several supreme conditions that imagines when is thinking about a long term relationship: fidelity, honesty, loyalty, truth.

What is needed then? In what ways you have to analyze your relationship to stay close as much of the ideal unconditional love without destroying it at the same time?

Well, here are some simple ideas but important as well

Analyze always who you were and who you became. In time, every man is changing, evolving, rethink his needs and ideals according to the realities at that time. Analyze always how you change your visions and the extent to which the changes affect your feelings and expectations. Talk frequently with your partner about these issues so never lose touch with each other reality.

Build together a solid foundation for your relationship. Think about every job you had so far: professionalism comes with experience and every day you can learn something new. The same happens in the relationship where you always have to be willing to adapt to new things and learn new things about yourself or your partner. This is the ability to adapt is the basis of the most solid relationships. Of course, it also needs love, respect and commitment, but these are not enough without the capacity to act. Be both responsible for each other’s happiness and act as soon as you notice that things do not go as expected you to go.

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