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Infidelity And Methods Of Prevention


Infidelity And Methods Of Prevention

There is nothing more effective in preventing infidelity than a serious relationship and happy. Moreover, if you are part of a relationship without problems based on love, understanding and communication, if your partner is not devoid of feelings, empathy towards you and guilt he will feel, it will keep him away from cheating. However, it is difficult to realize, especially in the beginning, if your partner will be faithful or if he will succumb to temptations. In most cases, problems within relationships, opportunity and circumstances, perhaps entourage, may be important factors in the decision to be unfaithful.

Infidelity-emotional and physical reasons

Which are infidelity causes?

The first and most important reason why a man can be unfaithful is lack of communication or routine. If psychologically he is already out of the relationship, does not have feelings that make him feel remorse, is bored and needs more, are likely to look for happiness in the arms of another woman.

Another reason to be remembered is the opportunity. Whether is a colleague at work, a mutual friend or a woman he just met, whether she is interested on him, he is likely to succumb to temptation, especially if he has passed the first youth and the interests of other women makes him feel young and desirable again.

Finally, there are men cheating their partners after serious fights, being immature and too introvert to try to solve their problems directly. Without effective communication, they will be tempted of any opportunity that they imagine it might help them emotionally.

How can you prevent infidelity?

  1. Do not let boredom to destroy your relationship. Especially in terms of activity in the bedroom. If you feel like your usual routine becomes boring, do everything you can to make things interesting again.infidelity
  2. Do not let him forget that you exist. You should not “bind with chains” your partner but not let him free at the same time or to keep distance is not good also. Therefore, trying to communicate with him every day, go out together often, if he works late, write to him, reminding him that you love him and that you think about him.
  3. Explain him the consequences. Even at the beginning of the relationship, talk to him about what it means for you infidelity and the consequences of this. Explain that you will not accept such an escape. He will remember your words and will think twice before doing it.
  4. Do not tease him. Some men live for their partners, while others just try to bear them every day. If you want to stay away from infidelity, be you the woman your partner want to live with, not the woman he should bear. Be the partner that he wants to come back every day from work and to do this with a smile on his face. If you have complaints, explain them to him, communicate with him openly, tell him what you need but do not tease him. Communication is very important in a relationship, you can use it to keep the relationship going in the right way.

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