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Home Remedies For Pimples – Natural Facial Treatments


Home Remedies For Pimples – Natural Facial Treatments

Home remedies for pimples are recommended by specialists in skin care because they are natural and easy to use. They refresh your skin by getting you rid of pimples and red marks. In order to have a clean skin you might need to use home pimples treatments. A pimple treatment made at home is much more effective for a skin affected by pimples, without effort and expensive costs.

You don’t have to forget about following a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Beside home remedies for pimples, you also have to wash your face correctly and use natural skin care creams according to your skin type.

What causes pimples?

They may appear because of sebum increased secretion.

Hormonal imbalances.


Skin disorders.

Excess use of cosmetics products or inappropriate for your skin type.

Natural home remedies for pimples

Cucumber pimples treatment – grate a fresh cucumber and apply it on your face, including eyelids and neck. After 15-20 minutes wash with warm water. This treatment is recommended for oily skin and helps in getting rid of pimples and blackheads.


Tomato, the same as the cucumber, grate the vegetable and apply it on the area most affected by pimples. Wash your skin after one hour.

Corn starch treatment

Corn starch treatment mix vinegar with corn starch. Use a cotton pad to apply the mixture on the area affected by pimples. Wash after 30 minutes with cold water.

Mint leaves juice

Mint leaves juice use at least one tablespoon of juice by crushing some mint leaves, add some saffron and apply the mixture on your skin. After half an hour wash with warm water.

Cinnamon and honey

Cinnamon and honey one tablespoon of cinnamon mixed with 3 tablespoons of honey. You can use this mixture as exfolianting treatment, in the evening before going to sleep.


Glair mix a glair with a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice. Mix until it becomes foam and then apply on your skin for half an hour. Clean the skin with warm water.

Yolk with honey

Yolk with honey mix honey, yolk and natural oil (olive oil, castor oil etc). Apply it for 15 minutes on area affected by pimples and clean with warm water. Next time when you use this natural treatment, wash after 30 minutes.

Orange peel

Orange peel home-made pimple treatment with orange peel is very effective in treating pimples. Grate some orange peel, mix with water and apply it on your pimples between 15-20 minutes.

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel it helps treating face, back and arms pimples.


Echinacea it is well-known for its capacities of stimulating immune system. It is also effective in preventing infections, especially bacterial ones.

Healthy diets for getting rid of pimples:

Fruit diet plan: for a week, follow a healthy diet based exclusively on fruit: apples, peaches, grapes, grapefruit, peaches, pineapple. You can also drink lemonade without sugar.

Balanced diet plan for pimples: after a week with fruit, you can consume fresh and natural products, such as: vegetables, nuts, whole grain cereals, brown rice, millet and seeds.

Improvements can be seen even after one month with this healthy diet based on fruit and vegetables. You should avoid different types of tea with sugar, coffee, beverages, processed food, meat, spices, ice-cream, candy. If you use one of the home remedies for pimples above and follow a healthy lifestyle, you can get rid of pimples fast and forever.

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