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Headaches And Sex the Connection Between Them


Headaches And Sex the Connection Between Them, Headaches are just an excuse or a valid reason to avoid sex? Researchers say that anything is possible – you may have headaches because of sex or you can get rid of them. Find out how!

Sex and its beneficial effects on headaches

Headaches are not an excuse, but a reason to have sex. Research on headaches were made in 1998, in the state of Oklahoma. One of the women who took part in the research spoke openly about her migraines and their connection with the sexual act. She told James Couch, a professor at the University of Oklahoma, that she had increasing problems with migraines since the divorce, and he got the idea to investigate in detail the connection between headaches and sex.

It was discovered that a biologicalsex headaches process – the orgasm – blocks another – the pain. The study included 84 women. Two-thirds of them have indulged in sexual activities despite migraines. 61% of them have confirmed the assertion that sex eases headaches. Such a level of efficiency can be compared with the effect of medicine used for migraines. 20% of women confirmed that the migraine disappeared completely, while the average success rate of medicine is 30%.

Headaches may occur as a result of a hormonal imbalance, especially because of excess of estrogen. Headaches of women (and migraines) due to hormonal imbalance often occur during PMS and sex is a good way to restore balance. If you consider the negative effects of medicine, sex is a healthy choice.

Scientist offer two possible explanations for the sex is so effective in migraines. One explanation is that endorphins and other hormones that are secreted relieve pain during sexual act. Just before orgasm, oxytocine levels increase up to five times. Endorphins have a calming effect on all sort of issues, from arthritis to headaches. In addition, estrogen helps women to alleviate premenstrual syndrome.

The other explanation focuses on stimulating nerves, which also relieve pain during labor. Some are more skeptical and say that sex stops headaches temporarily, coming back later.

Headaches are not always just an excuse

It is true that sex does not help any type of migraine. Professor Randolf Evans found that 10% of all cases, sex is what triggers a migraine. Despite the stereotype that women use headache as an excuse, there is a strong possibility that men might have headaches after sex. So-called orgasmic headache affects about 1% of men. A special group of men affected by headaches after sex, are those who use Viagra.

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