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Green Tea A Miraculous Plant For Body And Soul


Green Tea – A Miraculous Plant For Body And Soul

Relief for body and soul, green tea is waking up the good spirit of each and giver of wise thoughts, refreshing the spirit and instilling courage – if we were to go by the legendary words came to us from around 3000 BC and assigned to Chinese emperor Shen Nung – an expert of curing herbs, but also other plants, green tea may owe its largely in curative and refreshing fame, otherwise so true (the flavor, contriving to banish tiredness, headaches and impaired concentration) the zeal that would be grown in the remote monasteries of China, which, from the first century e.n. had to add constraint taxes charged on alcoholic beverages.

Green tea – the green treasure

Not to mention about the strength of taxes gained recently, as a tax to the nature of Chinese monarch nobility. And from here to a cult of green drink – with refined recipes and secret closely guarded, cherished, perhaps, just as jewels as always imagining a high reward – was not much.

And so is that over seven centuries, green tea infusion reaches to poorer people and we can talk about the real popularity of the drink, when the effects of healing are intertwined with its value gained meantime, as a social drink. Kings and old experts have recently raised green tea to the rank of a study subject and have dedicated entire volumes, of which you can learn the art of cultivating diversity of plant varieties and from that, a proper drink preparation, this also being and art.

The green treasure, green tea could not remain forever in China, and if the first trips were to put the drinks on the tables from Tibet and Mongolia, in 1610 green tea was found stacked in the hold of a ship of the Dutch Company of the Eastern Indies, ready to get in the Old World.

Indispensable history, the cultural values attributed to the drink almost the entire Far East is rightful placed, but, especially, a small treat on the account of cultivation of science and the consumption of green tea, the volume made by Compact publisher, wants to focus a covering culture (cultivation, processing, preparation and rigorous therapeutic qualities), the supreme quality of green tea, a true panacea.

Recently rediscovered by Europeans, green tea reveals its stimulating and soothing virtues in the book, the benefits green tea can bring, to the body and spirit, providing, as oriental tradition say, through internal and external use, to the peak of body-spirit harmony, the beauty.

And that’s because, no matter how strange might seem first, you should know that cosmetic industry exploits green tea for many years as an effective ingredient. Information about cooking secrets of the beverage composition, curative effect, rules of preparation and, not least, a rich  recipe of internal and external applications, able to be prepared for each, at home, come to open the taste for another five o’clock, much more refined and more profitable.

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