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Face Serum – Everything You Need To Know About It


Face Serum – Everything You Need To Know About It

We provide so much beauty products from which we can choose, that the question: “Do we really need a face serum as a routine?” is a legitimate one. The truth is that we can live without a face serum, but why this, when we can save us from a lot of problems?

Why is it necessary and application rules

But let’s start with the beginning. A face serum is a cosmetic product designed to solve a specific problem, fine wrinkles, pigmentation spots, acne, enlarged pores, dull skin etc. It is colorless, liquid and has a thick consistency.

A face serum is a cosmetic product that fits the needs of the skin type

As a rule, face serum is created in accordance with the various skin types and contains specific ingredients. For example, dry skin products contain almond oil and chamomile, while those for oily skin contain mint, lavender, aloe and cucumber. There are anti-aging serums and most formulas of this type contain vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant against aging.

Face serum vs face cream

Often, between faceTry Now Face Serum

serum and a cream face are made comparisons and parallels. Although they are somehow similar to the goals you have (moisturizing, anti-aging), but these cosmetics are distinguished by the way the ingredients they contain act. A face serum is highly concentrated in vitamins, retinol and antioxidants that can penetrate to the deeper layer of the skin, so that a face cream cannot make it because of the large molecules that have that cannot reach deep in the skin. A face cream is designed to remain in the first layer of skin, preventing it from becoming dry and dull.

So, you need a face serum besides a simple day cream? If you want to limit skin problems or even to have a bright and shiny skin, the answer is yes. But if you have a clean skin, you can only use a moisturizer. There are on the market face serums that contain moisturizing ingredients and that can be used independently of a lotion. If you decide to use a face serum, here are some rules that you need to follow to apply it effectively and enjoy the benefits it has.

Follow some rules of correct application of a face serum to make it more effective

  1. Clean the skin well before – Active ingredients of a face serum will not be able to effectively penetrate the skin if there are dirt and dead cell on the surface of the skin. Therefore, before applying the face serum, it is essential to clean your face thoroughly. Use a cleansing gel for your skin type and wash with warm water. Water too hot can make your skin to sweat, which inhibits the efficient absorption of the face serum; cold water closes the pores and does not allow substances to pass deep in the skin.
  2. Apply the face serum on wet skin – wet skin is more permeable that dry skin, so apply the face serum after you clean your face. Put a few drops of face serum directly on the face or hands and rub them and then easy press the skin with your fingers in order to face serum penetrates the skin and release the active ingredients.
  3. Use 4-5 drops of face serum – face serum is very concentrated and you do not need to apply too much. Four to five drops of the size of a pea are more than enough to moisturize and nourish your face properly. If you use more, the only thing that you do is to waste precious substances.
  4. Wait for a few minutes, and then apply the cream – give enough time to the face serum to penetrate the skin ( about three or four minutes), and when the skin is dry, you can apply face cream. In this way, you “retain” the important nutrients into the skin and you will help face serum to work better. If you apply makeup after, wait until face cream is absorbed completely and then apply skin foundation.

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