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Diabetes Diet Plan – 10 Advice For A Healthy Nutrition

Diabetes diet plan is considered to be among healthy diets. A very serious chronic disease, Diabetes affects all ages. There is no healing treatment for Diabetes, only medicine therapy in order to control the evolution of the disease. In this situation, a well-balanced Diabetes diet plan is essential to stop the evolution of the disease.

Diabetes diet plan – 10 advice for a healthy nutrition

1 – Have 3 meals a day: avoid to miss the main meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It helps you controlling your appetite and also control your glucose.
2 -Include food products which contain starch with every meal, such as: cereal, rice, bread, pasta, potatoes. The carbohydrate quantity is important for glucose level control. Food products containing starches and a high level of fiber help in maintaining the health of digestive system and prevent constipation.
3 – Reduce the consumption of fats, especially saturated fats. Choose unsaturated fats or olive oil and colza oil. Fats are the most important source of calories, the fact that you eat less will help you with weight loss, very important aspect.
  • Use less saturated fats, avoiding butter, margarine and fatty cheese.
  • Choose low-fat meat and fish.
  • Choose low-fat or 0% fat dairies.
  • Food should be steamed, grilled or baked in the oven instead of fried.
  • Eliminate from your normal diet dressings and creamy sauces, and replace them with tomato sauce.
4- Consume more fresh fruit and vegetables. If you want to benefit from vitamins, minerals and fiber, you should have 4 portions a day of fruit and vegetables, it will help you balance your diet.
5 – Include in your Diabetes diet plan more lentils (red and green) and beans, red and green. They are effective in controlling your glucose level and fats in the blood.
6 – Have at least two portions of fatty fish per week, for example: salmon, sardines, mackerel. Omega 3 from fatty fish protects your body against heart diseases.
7 – Reduce sweet products and sugar consumption. Drinking fruit juices with no sugar or diet juices can be a good alternative to those which contain sugar and can represent a good method to reduce sugar quantity from your normal diet.
8 – Reduce daily salt quantity to less than 6 grams. A bigger quantity causes high blood pressure, which leads to heart and brain disorders.
9 – Consume alcohol in moderate quantities – which means no more than 2 (50 ml) units of alcohol per day for women and 3 (75 ml) units for men. Do not consume alcohol on an empty stomach, because it causes hypo-glycemia.
10 – Do not consume food or drinks especially designed for Diabetes. They do not provide any advantage for people who suffer from Diabetes. Moreover, they affect the glucose level, contain more fats and calories than any other similar products, they can have laxative effects and are expensive.
People who have Diabetes should take medical examinations periodically and consult a specialist in nutrition to plan for them the Diabetes diet plan.

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