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Dairy diet – its advantages and disadvantages


Dairy diet – its advantages and disadvantages

You may not have heard of dairy diet, you may not know what entails or what benefits it could bring high consumption of dairy products. Supporters dairy diet promote the idea that dairy consumption helps you lose weight regardless any diet you follow. All you have to do is to increase the amount of milk consumed daily.
How does it work? 
  1. First – there is no evidence that it works as a factor in weight loss or fat mass.
  2. Secondly – there are many cases of intolerance to dairy main component – lactose.
  3.  Third – it is hard to believe that a diet designed to help those underweight to gain weight, will help you lose weight.
  4. Fourth – dairy is very important in our daily menu, but not essential. There are more effective sources of calcium and vitamin D: spinach, peanuts, oysters, salmon,  soybeans, tofu.
Yet the dairy diet exist and has its supporters, especially among those who want to gain weight, not to lose weight. Increasing the amount consumed daily has effects: extra kilograms, brighter and clearer eyes, healthier skin color. If gaining weight is your goal, know that dairy diet helps you to gain kilograms that you will not easily lose.
Other aspects
Why do you get fat from milk? ( We do not talk about fermented dairy products on whose tag we can clearly read high calories and fat content).
Milk, a product almost complete, contains proteins, fat (depending on the producer), carbohydrates, most discovered vitamins, many minerals and other essential ingredients for the normal functioning of your body.

Proteins – those found in milk contain essential amino-acids in cell renewal.

Minerals – calcium is found in large quantities in milk, a liter of milk consumed per day ensures your daily requirement; you can have also phosphorus and 1/8 of the daily iron.

Vitamins A, B, C , D, E, K, P – are found in appreciable quantities.

Carbohydrates – 4,4% / 100ml – this amount of carbohydrates makes milk not a favorite of those who follow the Atkins type diet.

Benefits of milk (other than the fact that you take your needed calcium for your bones):
  1.  Increases strength and power of the body
  2.  Improves memory
  3.  Reduces feeling of exhaustion
  4.  Treats circulation problems – your hands and feet will be warmer.
  5.  Treats hyperacidity because milk digestion involves consuming large amounts of stomach acid
  6.  Combat insomnia – a glass of milk sweetened with a little honey gives you a quiet and relaxing sleep.
  7.  Helps to treat respiratory problems: colds, laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma.
  8.  It acts as an effective moisturizer when used as a cosmetic product.
Dangers associated with excessive consumption of milk: A recent article in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” associated esophageal and stomach cancer with an exaggerated diet rich in dairy products or meat. About dairy diet, researchers say that it would double the chances of developing such a disease.

Note: before you start any diet you should consult a nutritionist.

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