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Belly fat How To Get Rid Of it Fast And Easy


Belly fat How to get rid of it fast and easy

There are many dangerous and ineffective diets about how to lose the belly fat. Although we lose weight through diet and sport, there are still certain areas of the body where fat deposits disappear harder. Of course, these areas of  fat depend on each other constitution but also the kind of overweight that you have.

Natural ways to get rid of belly fat through diet and sport

The most common “models” overweight are:

“pear” model, when excess fat is focused mainly on the butt and thighs.

“orange on a stick” model (sounds funny, but so it is called) when excess fat predominates in the abdominal area, the belly fat

Ways to Burn Belly Fat Fast

Eat raw vegetables every day.

Row vegetables salad is suitable especially for lunch and can be assorted with meat. You can try any type of salad. For winter is recommended root salads: of carro

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ts, celery and parsnip, you can add beetroot; you can season with salt, pepper and vinegar; black radish salad, cabbage salad and cauliflower salad.

You can try pickles salad, given that the vast majority of them are made from raw pickled and have all its nutrients. Eat only chicken, fish or turkey.

It is recommended to eat only fish, chicken and/or turkey, which are low fat meats. You should vary the diet from day to day or even a few days to eat other kind of meat.

Vary nutrition

Did you know that lack of food variation is considered as a cause of cancer? It is recommended to vary the diet from day to day. For example, if you usually eat meat with salad at lunch, change the vegetables from the salad and preparation of meat of meat type. Ideal is to eat at least three different vegetables per day.

Eat only one dish for meal

We recommend you to forget about the tradition which says to have an appetizer, first course, second course and dessert! Choose for a single dish at a meal. For example, breakfast contains food of the appetizer, lunch contains either a soup, salad or main course with salad, and for dinner also a single dish. Between meals you can have snacks consisting on fruit, yogurt and vegetables.

Eat soup every day

Choose the important meals of the day so that you can have a bowl of soup for one of the. A liquid warm meal is very important every day.

Drink only water

It is recommended to avoid juice form shops or other drinks that aren’t prepared by you. So you can drink a cup of coffee and tea per day, otherwise just water.

Weight loss pills– Supplements for weight loss – you can find a lot of weight loss pills which can help you lose the belly fat very fast.

15 minutes of sport every day

Chose a daily sport program,to help you lose the belly fat.

Eat at least two fruits a day

It is recommended that for daily snacks to eat at least one fruit (two fruits because there are two snacks per day); one between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner. You can have up to five fruits per day.

Remove from your diet foods that make you sick

We recommend you to remove from your diet: foods rich in fat or eat them rarely, every two weeks, food that contain butter or margarine, salami, sausages, pork dishes, any sweets, biscuits, pastry, fast-food, junk-food, juices.

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