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Become More Romantic by Hypnosis


This is not magic. You can hypnotizethecoupletoalwaysloveyou.  Hypnosis is not mysticism, Hypnosis is literallydoneby a personimpairment of consciousnesscalledhypnosis. Hypnosis is a naturalphenomenonthat can be experiencedbyeveryhumanbeing. Bymonitoringbrainwavesmeasuredby EEG (electroencephalograph), can be seen how thecondition of a person in a hypnoticstate.

Thehumanbrainemitsfourfrequenciesforeachcondition. Thelowest delta waveswith a frequencyrangebetween 0.1 to 4 Hz. Thesewavesareexperiencedduringdeep sleep withoutdreams. Thenextwavewith a frequency of 4-8 Hz theta. Thefrequency of thetawillappearwhensomeone in a state of meditationorsleepwith a dream. Ifconsciousnessrisesagain, it appearsthatthealphawavefrequencyrangebetween 8-12 Hz. Inthiscondition, themind can onlyfocus on oneattention.

Thewavefrequency of 12 Hz reachesmorewillbring a person is in beta state, whichallows his mindtodevote a lot of things, albeitwitheyesopen. Inthiscondition, we can readwhilelisteningtomusic, evenwhilesnackingthough.

Thehypnoticstate is achievedwhenthebrainwavesare in alphastate. At the moment in a state of alphabrainwaves, someonewill be veryopentonewinformationandchanges. Brain like a spongethatabsorbseverythingaroundhim. Sometechnologyexpertscallmindthatphase as themind “non-critical”. Information is absorbedandintegratedwithoutquestion. Inthisphase, whatever is seen, heard, andfeltby a personwoulddirectlygoandsettle in thesubconsciousmind. At this time someonewill be verysuggestive of anything.

Do TheRelax

Basically, hypnosis is an art of communicationthatleadsthesubjectinto a state of relaxationsothatthesubjectsbrainwaveswillslowdownandbegintoentertheterritory of alphawaves. Afterthat, he willrelaxmentally, but his attentionbecomesmorenarrowandmorefocusedsothatonlyfocused on oneparticularstimulus.

Properwaytohypnotizethecouple is tolook at readinesshypnotized. Thismeans he must be in a consciousstate (not refuse), tocommunicateandabilitytofocus. So, hypnosis can not be doneprecisely on thecoupleduringsleep (thetacondition) orwhenyou’rehavingproblems. Forexample, thenewhusbandleftworkandwasdizzywithlayoffs in his officegossip, thenyoutrytohypnotize her mindtokeeplovingyou. Thatthere is even “rejection” becausemyhusbandwill not focus on yourwords.

Hypnosis can be run in a relaxedatmosphere, such as chatting in bedorhavingdinnertogether. Theprocess of hypnosis can be startedwithpre-introduction of lightconversationandotherthingsthatareclosertoyoubothmentally. Pre-introduction is a stagethat is critical. Oftenthefailure of hypnosisprocessbeginsfromthepre-introduction is not exactly in a hurryoropenconversationstrayed far fromthegoal of hypnosis.

Thenext step induction / inductionwhich is a key element in theprocess of hypnosis, becausetheprocess is whatwillbringthecouplefrom beta toalphastateconditionwiththeconditioncompletelyunderyourcontrol as a hypnotist.

As a whole, theprocess of inductionconsists of 3 parts; relaxation, is a processtoreducetheactivebrainwavepair (high beta tolow beta). Induction is theprocesstobring it intothealphabrainwave, henceforthreadybeingsuggestedwith “keywords” which is donebyprovidingcommandsimplerepeatedsuggestionthatthe form of examples, “Patience is essential in marriage. I’llalwayslovethepoorwhopatient. Ifyouintendtochangethebehavior of coupleswhotendto be temperamentalandimpatient.

OneHeartand Speech

Inadditiontothecondition of thecouplemust be preparedto be hypnotized, so as not to fail, hypnosisalsomust be consistentbetweenwhatwassaidwiththeintention of theheart. Forexample, yougobackandforthtosuggestingalways be patient. However, deep inside yourheart, youstillhatethecoupleevencursed as a manwhoalwaysmakestroubleandoften provoke violence at home. Hypnosiswill not succeedifthere is a negativestate of hypnosis. Proverbial, as in mathematics, there is minusone, allcalculations can be lost.

That is, thesuggestionmay not usetheword “no.” Forinstance, instead of saying, “Youshould not getangryanymoreyes”, thebetter, “DaddywillalwaysloveMama’spatience.” Insummary, hypnosiswhichuses a lot of criticismandblamewill not be successful. Because, subconsciouslynegativebehaviorwill not changeifnegativefeedbackgiven. Conversely, ifthecouple a lot of praiseorwhisperedwords of love, unconsciouslyembedded “lessons” that he wouldlearntoappreciateandrespectyou.

For Yourself

Positivesuggestions, not justdone on thecouple but alsoneedsto be done toyourself. This is called self-hypnosis. Self hypnosis is donetochangebehaviororreinforceourloveandcommitment. Theprocess is similartohypnotizeothersthatwemust be in a relaxedatmosphere.

Forexample, you’vebeenveryjealous aka blind. Remember, jealousy is a negativethought. Well, we can suggestourselvestothrowawaythathabitandreplace it withpositivethoughts. Forexample, withthewordssuggestiontoyourself, “He knew I loved her sothatshewillalwaysfind me.”

“Withthesewords, youwill be freefromnegativethoughts. Infact, ifyoualwaysthinkpositive, unknowingly, thoughtthiswould be contractedtocoupleswhomakeyourrelationshipclosertogetherbecausethey do not needto be suspiciousandremainsintimate.


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