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Become Happier When become Older


SOME of the people think old age is a tough time in a life. But according to new research involving the United States shows, the happiest person in fact is the oldest person.

The good news is with age will come happiness. Life for the better in one’s perception as age increases.

It is inevitable that with increasing age, a person will usually be haunted by a variety ofstress and difficulty, including aches and pains and the deaths of friends and loved ones. However, older people generally have learned to be more satisfied with what they have, compared to younger adults.

Meanwhile, Duke University aging expert Linda George argues, this phenomenon occurs partly because older people have learned to lower their expectations, and they receive good what they have achieved. “No problem if I was a schoolteacher and not a Nobel Peace Prize winner,” he said.

George, who was not involved in the research, celebrate convinced that this research is important. Most people now tend to think that life in old age was far from the best in life, and they are No looking forward to.

The findings are based on the results of periodic interviews with participants who represent Americans nationwide from 1972 to 2004. About 28,000 people aged 18 to 88 years were included in the study.

Researchers noted an increase and decrease in overall happiness levels during the research, usually associated with good times and bad economic conditions. But at every stage, older Americans are a happier person.

Although the participants were black teenagers and poor people tend to be less happy than rich people and Putin’s skin, but these differences are disappearing as you age. In general, obstacles to being happy increased 5 percent every 10 years older.

Overall, about 33 percent of participants felt happy at the age of 88, while in those aged 18 to 20-something percentage reaches 24 percent. During the current study, most participants or U.S. citizen was reportedly very happy and quite happy. Less than 20 percent said they were not happy.


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