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Are you having on Vacation Keep Children from TV!


Parents are advised to keep children from watching television during school holidays, as many events on screen are not able to educate and influence the lives of children.

Releasing children watch television during the holidays together with the surrender of children to be educated television.

Many television broadcasts that do not educated, so feared the negative influence to the development of attitudes and behavior.

Moreover, television is an audio visual media so that children can imitate directly from what is seen and heard.

Negative influence of television broadcasting has been scientifically proven through research. Examples include research conducted on scenes of violence whether physical or words, events that contain pornography and porno-action content.

In psychology, the child had a behavior mimics what is seen and heard. This must be understood parents, so do not just let the holidays be filled with children watching television.

Although it is impossible fully to limit the wishes of children watch television, but the parents are required to be selective.

In addition, parents are also advised to take the time to accompany the child to watch his favorite television show while giving the notion of the scenes he saw.

Many ways that parents can do to fill the holidays children are more or less for two weeks.

Opportunities with the children in the house can be used to build good communication and instill moral values.

School holidays do not have to be filled with activities that expensive, because a lot of ways you can do to make children feel happy at the same time instill educational values, for example, invited to museums or historic sites.

Parents also can encourage children to do activities together such as gardening or doing simple chores.

Currently parents are required to be creative in educating children at home. The parents also may not refer the matter to their children education at school because of time with teachers is very limited.


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