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2 Week Diet Plan to Lose Weight Natural And Easy


2 Week Diet Plan to Lose Weight Natural And Easy

Unfortunately, you do not have too much free time that way we recommend you the 2 week diet plan. Even from tomorrow you should start a serious diet and do some exercise. The 2 week diet plan has been tried and has good results, since the first week you will lose a kilo or two. In two weeks you will lose up to 4 kilos. But the 2 week diet plan can be even more effective if you use natural weight loss supplements.

2 Week Diet Plan – one of the most efficient diet

MONDAY A coffee, one slice of toast, two tomatoes and 50 grams of rice. Vegetable soup, 100 grams roast chicken and an orange. A salad: two tomatoes, two cucumbers with a spoon of oil.
TUESDAY Tea, two slices of toast, two spoons of honey and 150 grams fruit salad. Tomato soup and 100 grams carrot and celery salad. A salad: two tomatoes and two cucumbers with one spoon of oil.
WEDNESDAY One glass of milk, one apple and two kiwi. One boiled potato, one carrot and 100 grams roasted fish. 100 grams rice, one tomato, one grape.
THURSDAY One coffee, one toast and 30 grams cheese. 75 grams rice with 50 grams mushrooms and one fruit. Two boiled potatoes, 30 grams cheese and an orange.
FRIDAY One mug of stewed fruit or milk, one pepper, 50 grams cheese and an apple. One cabbage salad, one toast, 100 grams of beef and a grape. 2 slices of toast, 200 grams of mushrooms, 100 grams boiled celery and orange juice.
SATURDAY One coffee, one tomato, one cucumber, one slice of toast. Two potatoes, two carrots, 50 grams cheese and a kiwi. 100 grams green beans, one tomato and 150 grams fruit salad.
SUNDAY 200 ml milk, 5 biscuits and an apple. Tomato soup, two boiled potatoes and a glass of fruit juice. One tomato, one cucumber, one slice of toast and a kiwi.
In addition every day you have to drink 2 liters of Check our Fastest Fat Burners
liquids, water or tea without sugar. And if you do at least 15 minutes of exercise per day, you will be able to lose even more that 3 kg in those two weeks. If you do not like to do exercise then you should walk more, take the stairs and not the elevator. With this 2 week diet plan you will lose weight quickly, but there is a risk that when you come back to your previous lifestyle, the unwanted kilos can reappear. The 2 week diet plan is recommended only if you want to get rid of some unwanted kilos fast.

Note: before you begin any kind of a  diet to lose weight , you should talk to a doctor!

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