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11 Habits that Guarantee Your Success


Have you ever thought what is the secret of successful people? Certainly, those in various tops of celebrity knew from the beginning their strengths, but also have adopted an appropriate behavior. Even if you cannot say that there is a general recipe available, some habits are meant to attract and bring success.

Below is a list with 11 habits that will attract success:

  1. Introduce your accomplishments discreet and do not forget to believe in other people, when appropriate.

A successful person knows how to “pack” its accomplishments, in order to arise the other people’s admiration, not envy. Respect is hard to gain, but it can be lost after the first sentence when you scorn the others.

Introduce your accomplishments as a natural result of your actions and give the impression that anyone can succeed if they adopt the same attitude. Also, give credit to your partners, even if you know they have a long way to success.

  1. Communicate effectively in any situation

Easy to say, not very easy to put into practice, because you have to be your own PR, to adopt diplomacy when is required, because people rarely want to be told directly some unpleasant things. Especially in business world, it is not advisable to leave room for interpretations or worse, to use metaphors, comparisons. Talk and listen to them, is the best solution for a better communication!

  1. Withdraw yourself politely

It is clear that a successful person cannot lose the time in long lasting meeting, official parties or superficial discussions. However, when necessary, exit politely not to offend anyone. It is not necessary to expose your excuses, just to thank the others for their presence and make sure that the meeting was successful.

  1. Have knowledge in multiple fields

Ideally is to have a rich knowledge so you can have conversations on different topics. Successful persons are intelligent, so you do not want to disappoint the others. Fields such as wine, fine cigarettes, art, literature, travelling are often discussed, so make sure you can handle the discussion.

  1. Learn the code of good manners

High society focuses on small detailed such as being polite, correct behavior in a restaurant or having a conversation with a person of opposite sex. So, in case you do not know anything about the code of good manners, read a book about this topic and learn the rules as soon as possible.

  1. Be a good speaker

This is the point where many persons stumble. The fear of public speaking, in front of many eyes, can make people very uncomfortable and not confident in themselves or simply they were not born with this ability. The good news is that everything can be learnt, including the ability of public speaking. Be determined, honest and natural when you speak to an audience. You will certainly conquer the audience.

  1. Build a network of acquaintances

At a certain time, classic interviews do not apply for people who have laraccge experience in a field and have some recognition. These are recommended for those persons who worked, reaching to a high point.

The same happens for successful people. Once you knew important people or people which you appreciate, it is recommended to keep in touch with them to have a network of acquaintances. How you do this? Reply immediately to emails or phone calls, accept invitations and set often meetings.

  1. Travel

Visit new countries, peoples and cultures. The experience of travelling in remote locations will enrich you spiritually and you will find out new information to share with others. Not to mention about the time you will spend talking about your adventures on foreign lands, arousing interest and admiration of people around you.

  1. Be optimistic and positive

Pessimism and negative thoughts are not good for a successful person. Everybody has failures, but if we abandon our goals at first failure, the world will have less winners. Therefore, be optimistic, think positively and do not let yourself defeated by any failure and share this attitude to your colleagues.

  1. Dress properly

Set your own fashion style. Hire a designer or use your own abilities. It is not necessary that every button to be a famous brand, but dress according to your position.

  1. Be updated with everything around you

Even if we are talking about company events, private life of dear people or politics, economics or other fields, it is mandatory to be updated. Make a selection of topics that interest you and make sure that you do not skip any information. You will not succeed if you are not interested, just thinking that some domains are not interesting for you or do not reach your level of training.


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